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Two Slovenian Candidates for the next Charlie Hebdo

By Igor Kršinar
“What has happened today in Paris is nothing in comparisson to what is awaiting for the Janšistic bullshiters from Reporter and Demokracija in the near future. They should be prepared for it. In the first place Gašper Blažič, who’s gonna be mounted on a pole personally by myself.” This was written on the Facebook by unknown person hidden behind a profile Zakladnik Matija (Treasurer Matija) on Wednesday, 7 January, just a few hours after the terrorist attack on the Charlie weekly offices in Paris. Attached to the profile there was a photo of the former Slovenian head of the communist secrete police Ozna/Udba Ivan Maček Matija who died in 1993. Under his leadership Slovenian branch of Ozna organised mass murders of political opponents after the Second World War. After his withdrawal from this post he still remained the most important person in Udba. Being responsible for finances he was some kind of treasurer.

It is obvious that someone who is still a supporter of the communist regime before 1990 despite the horrible crimes committed after WW2 and later threatens to journalists of the independent weekly magazines Reporter and Demokracija who are devoted to European parliamentary democracy and conservative-liberal values. All Slovenians who share the same political values as the European People’s Party are marked by leftist extremists as Janšists, supporters of the head of SDS Party Janez Janša. And the Janšists are supposed to be fascists. The user “Treasurer Matija” also believes that the terrorist attack in Paris was organised by the French special police forces to put the blame on Muslims. According to him, the same happened in New York in 2001 when the so called American imperialists organised the terrorist attack on WTC to start a war against Islam.

The most exposed journalist Gašper Blažič writes for the weekly magazine Demokracija. He lives in the neighbouring village of a 73 years old woman who responded to “Matija” that the pole for mounting doesn’t have to be too sharp because this would cause even more pain for this journalist. This woman introduced herself as a member of staff of Positive Slovenia, a left-aligned party led by Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković. Just a few minutes after the public have been informed about these threats, the profile of “Treasurer Matija” disappeared from Facebook. Irrespective of that, the police was informed and the investigation was launched. As the police said no other Slovenian media has been threatened. It is not clear if the state prosecution would file an indictment against suspects, but it is obvious that Slovenian freedom of the press is threatened by far left extremists.

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